Project Location

The project is located directly on the U.S. border in Vermont, in the Town of St. Armand on the shores of Lake Champlain. Access to the Domain by a private road named « Chemin Lafayette » who is joining route 133, future highway 35. The project appears as a dotted yellow square on the Canada-US border and is located southeast of Lake Champlain's Canadian area. At this point the lake is 8 km wide, and its sunsets, when seen from the lookout, are among the 10 most beautiful in Canada.

Getting There

At less than an hour’s drive from the Champlain Bridge, it takes relatively little time to get there. The part of Highway 35 shown in red is currently under construction and completion is planned for summer 2011. Once completed the time needed to travel the highway will be shortened by at least 15 minutes. The Domaine is located right on the shores of Lake Champlain, giving easy access to one of the largest lakes in North America, as well as its well-known water activities.


Lot 1

(± 67,019 sq. ft.) - 165 linear ft. overlooking the lake. Bordered on the south by Highgate National Park (Vermont), to the east by the Ecological Park and to the west by Lake Champlain. Intimacy guaranteed.

Lot 2 & 3

(± 58 060 sq. ft. & ± 57,717 sq. ft.) - 165 linear feet overlooking the lake.

Lot 4

(± 52 576 sq. ft.) - 165 linear feet of lake frontage.

Lot 5

(± 56 352 sq. ft.) - 165 linear feet of lake frontage and an existing belvedere.

Lot 6

(± 97 948 sq. ft.) - 165 linear feet overlooking lake, with existing stairway leading to private beach.

Lot 7

(± 49 499 sq. ft.) - Private access via Stanley Drive, almost at lake level - 257 linear feet fronting on Lake Champlain.


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